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The technology has been developet to efficiently add water and other ingredients to the feed by the edge of the enclosure. We have developed and patented a Loop for this purpose.

The feed is transported gently in seawater from Loop to the fish.
Transporting the feed in water is more efficient and gentler than the traditional transport using air. Environmental issues with emissions of microplastics is thereby eliminated.

The feeding system is compatible with all existing automated feeding systems.

With a direct loop a such facility can have a capacity of 2-3 tonnes per hour per enclosure and a consumption equivalent to 1,25 kW/h per enclosure. If we compare this with the energy consumption of todays feeding systems, our system will reduce energy consumption for the facilities by around 90 %

A similar technology can also be used without loop to transport regular feed through water instead of highly pressurized air. This will reduce the energy consumption to 1,0 kW/h per enclosure.

Facility for transportation of regular feed with seawater


Facility with loop mounted on feed-fleet with traditional air-pressure facility. The facility feed three enclosures.

Other categories

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Seafarm Solutions waterborn feeding system prevents microplastics in the sea, and reduces energy comsumptions by replacing air with water. 

Seafarm Solutions sub-feeder (undervannsfôring)

Seafarm Solutions Sub-feeder is an effective feeding concept for feeding below the water surface. 

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Seafarm Solutions loop has been developed to be able to effectively add water and other ingredients to the feed.

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