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Feed for wildcaught cod in catchbased aquaculture


At Tobø Fisk (Havøysund, Finnmark) and at Sjøfisk (Bjarkøy, Troms), the development of a feed that simplified logistics, improved feed acceptance and feed intake, performance and quality as well as reducing infections risks and improvinc fish health, was tried in 2017/2018.

Traditionally wild caught, living cod is primarily offered frozen capelin and hering as feed. This is food that wildcaught cod largely accept, men both the access, quality and price of capelin and hering are variables. The trial was successful in developing a tasty dryfeed that wildcaught cod are willing to eat and that ensures growth. This is done by adding water to the dryfeed using a water adding technology that transform the dryfeed to softfeed before feeding.


Read the report here 

Growth trout wetfeed (trial - Fjordlaks, Stranda)

The video shows the result of the trial in Stranda, that was done in collaboration with Biomar and Fjordlaks. Increased appetite was observed in the fish given the wetfeed compared to dryfeed and the growth was periodically much better with wetfeed. After the trial with wetfeed was concluded, the fish were put on dryfeed and both the growth and the appetite dropped back to previous levels. 

Read the report here 

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