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SeaFarm Solutions produce and deliver a new generation of feeding systems for fish in enclosures. Our waterborne feeding system will stop environmental pollution and reduce energy consumption by as much as 95 %. Waterborne feeding systems can be installed on todays fleets and is well suited for RAS.facilities.
It is also possible to have the waterborne feeding system together with underwater feeding (sub-feeder) and loop. 
Loop ensures that water is added to the pellets at the edge of the enclosure, using vacuum (patented process). All water soluble additives can be added as part of this process. 

2020-36 Sammenstilling formaskin og flåte01.jpg

Seafarm Solutions waterborn feeding system prevents microplastics in the sea, and reduces energy comsumptions by replacing air with water. 

Seafarm Solutions sub-feeder (undervannsfôring)

Seafarm Solutions Sub-feeder is an effective feeding concept for feeding below the water surface. 

blom fiskeoppdrett 01-1.jpg

Seafarm Solutions loop has been developed to be able to effectively add water and other ingredients to the feed.

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